Welcome to Spayler.com

Spayler.com is all about music and watching videos! Spayler.com allows you to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere you go! There is no need to install any special software. Furthermore, our collection of music is virtually endless, courtesy of YouTube.

Create your own playlist

Anyone can create a new playlist on Spayler.com. Simply navigate to the music player and start filling that empty playlist!

Add music to your playlist

Just search for your favorite songs in the search box. The website will return a list of videos matching your search. Adding them to your playlist is just a matter of dragging & dropping!

Enjoy your music anytime, anywhere!

Now you're all set to start enjoying your favorite music .. Anytime, Anywhere! Just hit the 'play-button' and our player with start playing your playlist.

So how does it work?!

Spayler.com uses the huge collection of music video clips available on YouTube. Our website searches for your favorites real-time on YouTube and it streams the videos directly from YouTube. We don't store any videos on our server. So we're always up-to-date with YouTube!

Basically Spayler.com is a new and improved interface for YouTube.com. Some of the benefits:

  • Easily create a playlist of videos.
  • Add videos simply by dragging them on to your playlist.
  • Search for videos while continue listening to your music.
  • Nice and intuitive interface.