About Spayler.com

Spayler.com is a cool, new website where you can listen to your favorite music .. anytime, anywhere.

The idea

The idea behind Spayler.com started out of personal frustration of wanting to listen to our favorite music at different locations. At the office, at home, studying at school or at a friend's place ..

One of our solutions, was to use the YouTube site to listen to music. A great resource, but not always the most practical interface!

Once we found a way to embed YouTube videos in our own player, the idea behind Spayler.com was born: Let's create a website where anyone can create a playlist of their favorite YouTube videos! Easy to use and with smashing looks ..

Our first version of Spayler.com was a great proof of concept, but was lacking in usibility and intuitiveness. Spayler.com 2.0 has a brand new lay-out and some brand new features, providing a great new YouTube interface!

The feautures

While we tried to keep Spayler.com as easy to use as possible, it has quite some cool features:

  • Create up to 5 playlists with YouTube videos
  • Search for videos real-time on YouTube.com
  • Search for videos without having to refresh the page, so you can keep playing your video while searching for the next
  • Drag and drop new videos to your playlist from the search results
  • Sort your playlist by dragging videos in to place
  • Automatically show related videos when a video starts
  • Play, pause, shuffle and repeat your videos
  • Share playlists among users

When to use Spayler.com

Off course you decide whenever you want use our website! Some suggestions where Spayler.com comes to life:

  • At the office or while doing your homework. Select your easy listening tunes and get productive!
  • Hanging out with your friends. Create a playlist together, with for example all those songs from the good old times. Really it's a lot of fun!
  • Create a list for that special person in your life .. use Spayler.com as the new 'Mix-tape'.
  • At your next party! Pre-define a list with the best party songs and get the party started! Your guests will love it.

Other suggestions? Let us know :)

About Spayler.com

Spayler.com is developed by a group of 'music lovers' from the Netherlands. Once we finally decided to go and start the website, we had to find a good domain name to go with it. Unfortunately, almost any domain name containing 'music', 'player', 'playlist' or 'dj' was already taken .. Then one day, out of nowhere someone accidentaly pronounced the Dutch word for player (which is 'speler') in an English way, leading us to Spayler.com ... And to be honest, we love the name!